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loli climbs the mountain of doom


A lemon named Loli can’t seem to get out of a funky season of gloom. After several days and weeks of feeling melancholy, the hopeful lemon decides to embark on an unexpected adventure climbing the Mountain of Doom with a wise purple turtle. Their journey together proves that it is possible to conquer mighty mountains and seasons of gloom while discovering blessings along the way. Come along for the climb, it's time to shine!

The Autobiography of a Lemon  is an illustrated book series for adults and mature adolescents that offers a colorful and inspirational perspective on overcoming various hardships and traumatic experiences. Loli, the lemon has been through a lot of sour experiences in life but somehow is always able to discover sweetness. This visually captivating, "children's book for adults" series illuminates sunshine on the understanding that we are all deeply connected by emotions and experiences, especially the sour ones!

In this series you will:
- Identify sweetness in sour experiences
- Gain a new perspective about inner strength
- Learn about overcoming challenges

the autobiography of a lemon

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