Lindsey Stanley is passionate about the healing power of yoga and has been dedicated to this practice for nine years. She is celebrated for her colorful approach to understanding the application of yoga as it relates to the overall healing journey each individual is on. Lindsey created the Rainbow Therapy model after a series of traumatic adolescent and adult events and being diagnosed with PTSD. She presented Rainbow Therapy "The Post Traumatic Rainbow" at the 2017 PURE Action Yoga Research Conference at the Harvard Medical Conference Center in Boston, Massachusetts.  Lindsey enjoys learning about yoga science and feels that this information is vital to helping people navigate through every emotion.
Due to her experience as a Certified Yoga Teacher and professional scientific background, she has a vast understanding of the benefits that can be discovered by practicing yoga consistently. Her goal is to share this information and reach as many people as possible by colorfully extending fact based information mixed with inspiration, and YOGA! Lindsey is especially passionate about connecting with people who suffer with physical pain, emotional pain, and chronic disease because they do not have access to the tools and resources to help them move forward. She is an Ambassador for Yoga4Homeless and represents Kulae Yoga as their west coast DiploMAT.